About Pino Spa


Founded in Germany in 1904, PINO has developed products and therapy concepts used by spas throughout Europe.

For generations, spas have trusted PINO to provide proven, modern products for use in traditional European therapies. PINO applies its extensive knowledge of the natural sciences and combines this knowledge with over a century of experience in the development of natural products. Today, PINO continues its commitment to the ongoing development of natural, environmentally responsible products.

PINO Natural Spa Therapy products provide the benefits of nature without chemical stress by providing formulations made up of natural ingredients, which are up to 95% organic*. All PINO Natural Spa Therapy products are dermatologically tested by an independent laboratory and never tested on animals.

Natural Spa Therapy

Natural products for therapy and spa applications

Pure natural products have become increasingly important, promoting health as well as caring for the environment. PINO is committed to the continuous development of natural, environmentally friendly products. PINO Natural Spa Therapy products are made of purely natural raw materials, and their composition and production follow strict quality guidelines for natural cosmetics.



Campus For Experts

We cordially invite you to the PINO Campus for Experts

The PINO Campus for Experts in Hamburg, Germany is an academy of advanced learning for the motivated massage therapist. Subjects that are taught include therapy procedures, beautifying treatments as well as therapeutic and wellness concepts.

The PINO Campus for Experts offers vast learning opportunities in therapy techniques and innovative wellness concepts for every level of expertise. PINO invites you to open up a world of knowledge and encourages you to master the art of natural therapy and wellness. Our highly skilled staff, motivated by your lasting success, offers subjects designed to meet your individual needs and encourages you to reach your personal goals.

Continuing education is the key to your success!